Even though we are close to the Blue Ridge Mountains (the Blue Ridge Parkway is only eight miles away), our winters at White Sulphur Springs are frequently sweater-weather comfortable. But occasionally we enjoy in our community one of those rare and gorgeous  snowfalls  that we usually see up in the mountains from our homesites.

Last week was not an exception. The Blizzard of 2009 brought beautiful snow to White Sulphur Springs and nearby Mount Airy.  Take a look.

Happy Holidays from Mollie and Maddie!

Bridge christmas 1

Hello from White Sulphur Springs!  Maddie and I have been busy watching Burke hang holiday decorations at White Sulphur Springs.  We run back and forth along the fence, hoping he’ll let us help.  He walked us over by the bridge today…we were SO excited that we jumped directly for the big red bow on the wreath!  I got it down and Maddie helped me start to chew it up, before Burke yanked it back from us and hung it back where it belongs.  I guess we should stick to our toys!

Take a look at one of our latest pictures…I still think we look sweet and innocent!

Mollie and Maddie 1

Come by White Sulphur Springs and see us soon…it may be getting cold outside but the warmth of friends and family is always near!  Happy Holidays from Mollie and Maddie.

Mount Airy is ranked among top places to retire

From Mount Airy, located in northwest North Carolina, has a lot to attract active adults 55+. It has a vital downtown  that attracts tourists and retirees. The town has just under 9,000 people, but almost 40,000 people live in the immediate area. And be certain you’ve weighted the financial advantages when selecting your retirement community. Go here to learn more.

This North Carolina town ranked one of the top places to retire.
Mount Airy ranked one of the top places to retire.

Hello from Maddie & Mollie

Follow our Chocolate Lab Pups as they explore their new home at White Sulphur Springs.

Maddie and Mollie are two four month old chocolate lab puppies that recently moved to their new home at White Sulphur Springs.  It is also home to many other animals like deer, squirrels, and turkey, as well as fish in the Ararat River.

These four month old sisters prefer their yard at developer Burke Robertson’s home and the 7.5 acre Front Lawn

White Sulphur Springs Front Lawn
White Sulphur Springs Front Lawn

along the Ararat River even though there are 145-acres of protected land around them.  Their days are spent frolicking in the Front Lawn, chasing squirrels that run by and watching visitors as they come through and explore White Sulphur Springs.

Maddie and Mollie Taste the Simpler Life each day.  We invite you to visit our web site,, or stop by and tour the White Sulphur Springs community just 8 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway and see for yourself what makes White Sulphur Springs unique.

Life in the Country Ain’t So Bad!

Hi, I’m Mollie. Maddie and I are starting to settle in to life here at White Sulphur Springs and I have to tell you – it’s great! We are enjoying the fresh country air and the cool fall weather.

Of course, when we first arrived, Maddie was a little apprehensive about “living in the country.” But her worries evaporated when she realized just how close White Sulphur Springs is to everything we could possible need. Why it’s only a few minutes to downtown Mount Airy where we can shop many unique stores.

Visit our home at See you there.